Music Education Funding. A first-of-its-kind study outlines the actual costs of a comprehensive k-12 music education program. Schools in North Dakota, however, are singing a … Uneven cuts. Whenever program or funding cuts are made to music programs, school boards always claim that the arts are not being unfairly targeted. But the truth is that cutbacks in the arts have never been proportionately fair when compared to cutbacks in other programs. About half (56 percent) of the elementary schools that offer music includegeneral, instrumental, and vocal music in their instructional programs (figure 2). By Hayley Miller American teenagers are not excelling in the arts, and President Donald Trump ’s proposed budget cuts … “When we look at fine arts programs across the state, we see that rural schools and low-income schools are being affected the most by these budget cuts… In both art and music, one out of 10 schools said it was increasingly relying on voluntary donations by parents. Rebecca Fine, an education policy analyst for the Oklahoma Policy Institute, said the drop in art education affects certain schools more than others. Other schools have taken direct action and made arts programs core subjects, making them less vulnerable to budget cuts. The report paints a picture of creeping cuts to music education, a demoralised workforce with poor employment conditions and huge inequality in … To fully understand this one must understand how music helps the human body, why schools have cut music programs, and why people should learn music. According to Laurence O’Donnell, “Music is thought to link all of the emotional, spiritual, and physical elements of the universe.” Still, cutting academic programs is a last-resort measure for any school, according to Robert Franek, editor in chief of The Princeton Review and author of … Randolph Public School District, located in the Greater Boston, Massachusetts region, has cut their entire K-12 arts, music, and physical education (PE) programs and staff from their 2020 … Highlights Arts Education in Public Elementary Schools Music is offered in 97 percent of public elementary schools in the United States (figure 1). There’s a lack of enthusiasm to offer these classes and as a result, student performances are beginning to suffer in art subjects. Trump's plan to cut access to arts education paints a bleak picture for American teenagers already underperforming in visual arts and music. Music programs are essential to education. Career opportunities for music instructors are growing nationwide: As of 2016, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projected a 12% increase in positions for art, drama and music teachers over the next 10 years. They will cite cuts to other programs beside music.
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