Third, Hood was a very busy command ship and what was done depended on her schedule...and the preferences of her commanding admiral/staff. Important Things to Remember Students have the option of selecting the traditional mortar board cap or the tam. Also, the awning stanchions over the forward and aft ends of the ship were painted white. This is the traditional color of an academic hood and graduation hood, as the rest of the academic dress for master’s and doctoral students is black. Old colour footage also had its share of issues. Her colours are a bit off due to the film stock. However, the hoods are of different shapes, with the Master's hood having a well-rounded cape. The inside of the hood includes a field color, and may contain one or more chevrons, all of which represent your school colors. She was frequent repainted and was particularly "smart" and shiny at this point in her career (except during some of her longer cruises). During combat, her lower rails would have been lowered. Hood Today - Scale Models & Miniatures of Hood, Lifecolor Admiralty Dark Grey 507 A (UA631), Sovereign Hobbies Colourcoats NARN07 - Late 1920s to 1936 Interwar Home Fleet Dark Grey; 507B, Sovereign Hobbies Colourcoats NARN20 - 1936-1943 Home Fleet Grey 507A / 507B 13% RF, Sovereign Hobbies Colourcoats NARN21 - 1936 to early 1950s - Home Fleet Grey 507A / G10 10% RF, Testors Model Master 4879 - 507-A Dark Gray R.N. The color of the velvet edge is determined using this official degree color chart. Next. If you are unsure if your degree is a Doctorate or PhD, please contact your administrative advisor to determine your precise degree If, however you wish to be as accurate as possible, please read on! Due to its high cost and low prestige, it was often omitted from academic dress – a tradition that continues today. A matte variation of the colour (known as Pattern 507A) was introduced around the start of the Second World War. As the log was lost with the ship, there is no way to determine the last day she was painted. 22 May 1941. When academic dress is worn. Master's Hood page. Choose your colors from the drop down list. The ship was returned to her usual overall Home Fleet Dark Grey scheme. It was also common for her large side booms to be swung out in port. There are far too many "rivet counters" out there on the World Wide Web. All we know about this variation is that it was only seen in photos from Spring 1941 and that it was no longer in use when the ship sailed to find Bismarck. GRADWYSE Master of Science Master Hood M.S. Hood?". Of course, at even the most common modelling scales, one would probably not see this trim effect. Most undergraduates buy or borrow a gown in their first week at Cambridge for the purpose of matriculation, which is the formal ceremony of enrolment in the university.It is more common to buy a gown, especially at the more traditional colleges, as the number of occasions on which it is worn quickly repays the investment. I. Suggested paint match: The following are matches for the inter-war Pattern 507C (exact or very close directly from the bottle). The exact colour is not known, but based on recollections, it could have been black or darker grey. The master’s graduation hood represents years of evolution, from a warm headpiece to a garment of distinction. Hood is en route to her disastrous engagement with Bismarck and Prinz Eugen. Doctoral, Specialist, Master's, and Bachelor's Hoods Price range from $116-$204. During World War Two, Hood wore some sort of circular marking atop the centre of "A" gun house's roof. ITS YOUR MODEL, YOU MAKE THE DECISIONS! Her anchors were obviously retracted and her various stairways (the four large aft ladders and the two forward side ladders) would be dismantled/broken down and stowed.This last part will actually save you a fair bit of work as you would not need to prepare these very prominent ladders. The master’s graduation hood represents years of evolution, from a warm headpiece to a garment of distinction. Degree Colour of hood; BA, MA: Pink: BA(Hons) Pink with pink band around outside edge: MCW: … This list is alphabetically sorted and contains both enamels and acrylics. If modelling Hood during the Battle of the Denmark Strait, be sure to use one Battle Ensign. So, be sure to lighten the darker colours just a tad with white or light grey. 5. Irish academic dress is virtually the same as that in the United Kingdom given the common history and proximity of each other. All you have to do is to go online and visit their website to view their wide selection of graduation products. 2. The anchor cable capstans, anchor cable plates and hawse pipes were painted hull colour. If we are not 100% certain of something, we will let you know in the text below. Once you know this, simply select from the desired time range/period listed (in green) below. One of these aerial photos is included below. Graduates holding master’s and doctoral degrees also typically wear a hood that fits around the neck in front and drapes down over the robe in back. This is particularly true for the wartime years. A Doctoral hood is completely silk and the headdress is a black Tudor bonnet, in place of the flat-topped mortarboard worn with Bachelor's and Master's gowns. The colors for the edging of hoods for master's students are determined by the college and discipline granting the degree, as listed in the table below. The academic dress of the United Kingdom and Ireland has a long history and has influenced the academic dress of America and beyond. Paint Schemes of H.M.S. If you have two equal, but different degrees – a Masters in both Engineering and City Planning, for example, you would use the degree which was awarded to you the most recently. Are You Modelling Hood in Port or at Sea? During Hood's involvement in the Spanish Civil War, she wore two markings on the roofs of her two forward 15" gun houses: 2.
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