4.9 out of 5 stars (14) Total Ratings 14, 100% agree - Would recommend. Since 1959, Barbie dolls have been known to be one of the most popular toys ever made. Mattel has managed to capture the thrill and high-stakes glamor of the racing world and has us rubbernecking to catch a glimpse of the doll. She looks like she’s ready to attend the Opera with those gloves and the plume in her elaborate hairdo. Trench in Tattersall is almost always in, and Coach Barbie makes an excellent example of it. She even comes with garters and stockings despite the fact that you can’t see her legs under all that dress. Rare qualities in La Belle Époque Barbie include that it be signed by Robert Best. Numerous holidays barbie dolls released later up to 1992 still carry higher than retail values. Yours must be a limited edition to be valued at $999. The classic appeal is pricey in its own right. Talk about striking gold. The gown is historically accurate: full-length pantaloons, satin-ribboned shoes, and gold tassels, the whole shebang. Part of the lauded, memorable, nostalgia-inspiring I Love Lucy series, this doll takes us back to all those Christmas episodes where Lucy gave us something special at the end. The belt, the silver linings, the heels, that Goldie Hawn hairdo, and of course those bulbous shoulders, we have a Barbie who distinctly even poses for the role. The layers, lace, and bows that decorate is gown just oozes royalty and riches. It goes over a satin under-dress. Big thanks to 24/7 Wall Street’s website for this list. As long as your piece is still in the box, Barbie as Medusa is currently valued at $1,500. This doll is a Gold Label that was released in 2008. The platinum label doll should still be inside the original box packaging to be eligible for its current mind-boggling market value, namely $6,000! 2020 Holiday Signature Barbie Doll Long Blonde Hair Mattel. Sticking to the theme of sporty Barbie is the Tennis player Barbie! One look at all that pink, and we couldn’t help but wonder how she pulled it off without coming across as too intense. Its crazy price is due to the fact that there is only about thirty of these Barbie’s in the world. The sleek fit, silver buttons, earrings, and tuxedo-like coat really make this an elegant Barbie. Even the box looks fancy. A sleeveless design adds to her grace, along with six silvery buttons, diamond earrings, and lapels flourished with satin. The Trace of Lace Barbie doll is a class apart, a walking affair of chiffon and black lace. You need to have the 25th Anniversary version of Princess of the Korean Court Barbie, which is presently valued at $1,514. Often, these Barbies had bendable legs or red hair, and they are considered some of the most rare and valuable. However, your average run-of-the-mill Barbie doll collection … Despite coming out in 2004, the Barbie does look like she came straight from the 1950s. These incredible Barbies are worth a veritable fortune today, and it is definitely possible that theyre sitting in a box in the basement somewhere. Vintage Barbie dolls on the market from 1959 to the late 1960s are especially prized among collectors. After all, this very doll was part of a limited series made exclusively for those who attended the Paris Fashion Doll Festival in 2012. 18 Barbie Dolls From The '80s And '90s That Are Worth A Fortune Now. The set included the regular Walking Jamie doll, except she also came along with more accessories. They should minus well make her smell good too. It’s the white dress that brings this doll up to the thousands in price. Flash forward 61 years and meet some rare dolls that could net … What Bill Greening helped realize in this particular doll is nothing short of nostalgia. The redhead Barbie has a fiery-soft expression to match her Spanish roots and the white satin opera gloves bring outstanding elegance to her overall look. It’s a blonde alternative of the gold label sister-doll, which is brunette. It’s a German luxury women's designer clothes company. Some classic Barbie dolls are worth a lot to collectors today. That said, if you scroll through the listings on eBay you’ll find some of those old dolls that “need some TLC” still selling for over $100. The Vintage 1999 "Chicago Cubs Fan" Barbie Doll was so exclusive that she was a giveaway at the July 20, 1999 Chicago Cubs vs Kansas City Royals game. As long as your Calvin Klein Barbie is in ideal condition, she is today valued at a stunning $1,414. There were only about a thousand of these made and only twenty five with a white dress. Today, the price of a mint condition Barbie from this era can run close to $25,000. Other dolls in the ‘Christmas Show’ category include Ethel, Ricky, and Fred; the whole gang, apparently. The face would consist of blue eyes, brown eyebrows, and bright lips. Designed by Sharon Zuckerman and part of the Barbie Loves Sports collection, this doll was made for a target audience: Cubs fans. The re-sale price is nothing short of staggering, namely $8,999, making this beauty one of the most expensive by way of Barbie market values. The amounts of dolls that have been sold are uncountable. Like many collectors, you may find yourself wondering what your Barbie® collection is worth. We buy all Mattel Barbie made since 1990. “Every collector dreams of the day they find her hidden at a garage sale,” says Britten Follett, collector. While the name might at first seem misleading, this silver siren of a Barbie was made to commemorate Barbie’s 30th anniversary; hence the pink, probably. Later dolls got heavier and brighter make-up that collectors also refer to as “high color.”. Everything about her is violet, from the violet in her hair to her ball gown. Maybe it’s best to just thrift shop? Obviously, those that have stood the test of time better than others will be able to fetch more money from a potential buyer. If you want to get the most money from this doll, it’s best that she’s still in her box (24/7 Wall St. says that’s a rare trait for this particular doll). That long pearl necklace screams money despite the fact that they are faux. Luckily, we don’t have to dress like this for work anymore. As long as the doll is in unremoved-from-original-box condition, Her Majesty is valued at $1,099. Designed by the talented Bob Mackie, this Barbie Collectible is replete with sparkly body suit, plumed purple top hat and coattails, and all the style in the world. In what looks like Southern American fashion turned sumptuous, the limited edition version of this Barbie doll has sufficient reasons to be considered a rare collector’s item currently valued at $2,495. The black and white knit bathing suit is a staple design element of this rare Barbie doll. To provide an example, a 1988 holiday barbie doll in NRFM (Never Removed from Box) condition, can have a value as much as $750. Barbie debuted in 1959 at a toy fair. So to get one of these, you had to be a sponsor or guest at that convention. We managed to find not only Barbie’s, but a Ken doll! You probably love her too much to let her go anyway. Design features include: blonde ponytail, a stand to hold the doll up, black sunglasses with blue lenses and hinged earpieces, open-toe heels with one of them marked ‘Japan,’ and a black and white knit bathing suit. This Barbie aimed to get people’s hearts right in the nostalgia. The “Sales Resistance!” I Love Lucy Barbie is valued today at $1,050, and there are no special rare quality requirements. She even comes with a little glove and ball. NRFB (Never Removed From Box) is the ideal highest value Barbie dolls you will find. When Barbie dolls have been played with they loose a lot of value. Her shoes are gold and print-painted. A Greek monster of myth is not the most typical role to you see a Barbie play, but here we are. Released on June 1st, 2004, this Barbie is a reference to the I Love Lucy episode, “Sales Resistance.” The episode dates back to 1953. We have been purchasing toys since 1994, & have thousands of satisfied customers! The most expensive version of the doll was sold for $302,500 in … Barbie originally cost just $3, but Follett says you can expect to … Here she is, folks, the one and only Lucille Ball, in Santa costume. Barbie dolls are not just pretty they are also pretty expensive, if some of their collector-value prices are to be believed. This Barbie is definitely a head-turner, what with her original Calvin Klein designer denims and an ‘anything goes’ pose. This Barbie is a Gold Label. Original "Harry Potter" books … He’s also known as “Awesome Bill from Dawsonville,” or “Million Dollar Bill.”. Well, his shoes are made of real leather. Vintage doll collectors love the style, and the Chataine Barbie Doll is a Holy Grail of the Silkstone collection. Release Year: 1959. The original production line of #4 Blonde Barbies left each with a wrist tag, one that absolutely must still be intact on the doll for it to hold any value today. Call for a Custom Quote 608-687-7572 ext. Most real people don’t get to wear a dress this fancy. Rare qualities include that you have the limited edition (only five hundred of these dolls were produced) and the platinum label version (brunette) of the Faerie Queen Barbie, today valued at $1,500. Very few of these dolls can be found in the United States since they originate from Germany. She’s more prepared for a sports game than some real people with her socks, pants, dugout jacket, shoes, and leather belt. Designed by Dennis Bastien, this rare beauty is justifiably valued at $2,000, and indeed lives up to her name. Rare qualities include the fact that the doll should never once have been removed from its original box packaging. Beginning in the late 1980s, Barbies were mass-produced, thus making them quite common. It’s easy to imagine this doll locked up in a grandmother’s glass cabinet and it’s the one toy you’re not allowed to touch. Your parents were right — you should have never cut Barbie's hair. Holiday Barbie Doll 2020 Ght55 African American Gold Dress Black Curly Hair. The historical figure this Barbie is based on, Marie Antoinette, was the Queen of France in the 18th century. With that kind of price, you wouldn’t want your kid to take this doll swimming. There are also only 500 of these in existence. Parisian through and through, our Belle is dressed in a lilac gown accented with intricate puff sleeves, a simple train, and of course an ooh-la-la bow whose size could draw as much attention as La Tour de Eiffel. 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This Barbie is a Pink Label, which means she’s actually not so hard to find or that limited. $26.99 New. The very name takes us back to ancient Ireland, where the concept of a ‘Faerie Queen’ existed for centuries, and was passed down by Celtic races/druids. It was created by Carol Spencer and it’s rarity is due to being a prototype. A splendid collector’s item Barbie, this doll is only one of thirty in existence worldwide. No snake hair, but we got golden snake cuffs and a necklace. It is very cute to see the teeny logos on her hat and jacket. Her brooch is decorated with actual Swarovski crystals. This Medusa is actually part of a cool goddess collection that features a Barbie Athena and Aphrodite. This Barbie is a “Gold Label” which means she’s part of a rare collection of dolls that are numbered editions of 20,000 or less worldwide for each doll. A limited Japanese collector model, there are only five hundred of these black-lace marvels in circulation worldwide. Her waist and bodice are beautifully decorated with white-satin ribbon and ebony beads. And no ordinary Cher, either, but dressed in the ringmaster outfit the legendary singer wore on her Farewell Tour. Made exclusively for the 2001 National Barbie Doll Convention, the Aqua Queen of the Prom takes us back to the early years. The Silkstone name comes from the hard plastic they are made out of, which is meant to mimic porcelain. Anyone who has seen Lucille Ball is sure to have fallen in love with her. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. One such gadget is a Handy Dancy vacuum cleaner. The dress this Barbie wears is called a “hanbok,” which is typically worn on celebrations like on New Years in Korea. I’m awful lonely,” she says. In addition to a game ticket the box also contained a commemorative card. She is known as part of the Silkstone collection, which are also known as Fashion Model Barbie’s and Lingerie Model Barbie’s. The satin gown is non-removable, is hemmed with gold fringe  and decorated with fine golden braid-work. It has been known as the fashion capital of the world after all. In her likeness, and capturing her unique style, here’s Barbie as Cher. And, as has become the case, to cash in on! In fact, she inspired Barbie, so many call her the first Barbie doll. The dolls range from seven and a half to eleven and a half inches. Barbie has gone through enough talents, jobs, and outfits to be the greatest spy in history. The platinum edition version is valued at an eye-widening $2,000. Currently valued at a whopping $5,000, the Aqua Queen of the Prom Barbie that you own must be in mint condition, still inside the box, and of course one of thirty that were showcased at the Convention. Walking Jamie was a Sears Exclusive Barbie and the Furry Friends version gift set came out in 1970 and 1971. According to the website, Fashion Doll Guide, certain accessories are hard to find on these dolls that are still in good condition. According to Barbie’s website, this doll’s uniform is based on an actual racing champion, Bill Elliott. The gold accents makes this Barbie looked like rose thaa t got glittered. One of six hundred pieces in existence, the doll is certainly valuable. This doll was made for the 2001 National Barbie Doll Convention. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. She’s all glamorous, all in winter-white, and every bit as exclusive. They did their research, and according to them, Barbie’s started at just three dollars in 1959 and now some sell on eBay for up to twenty thousand! If you own any of the Barbies on this list, you are sitting on a veritable ‘collector crazy’ gold mine. > Estimated value: $2,500. The design was inspired by the classic American Tuxedo, with Barbie introducing some excellent femininity to the overall look. The limited edition version of Chataine Barbie is valued today at $1,150. Even Barbies that have deteriorated over time — perhaps losing her head or other body part — are still worth a … Design was by Robert Best. Rare quality requirements include the fact that the doll still remain inside its original box. From that signature comedic expression to all the memories this doll is sure to inspire, no wonder it’s one of the most valued Barbies on the market today. Her corset and skirt give her a mermaid sort of look. Since we’re on the fantasy track, here’s another Barbie to wow you. According to the Barbie website, this Platinum Label Barbie was influenced by Spanish romanticism. Being featured in Barbie Bazaar Magazine’s 1994 issue was a big part of this doll’s popularity with collectors. This includes the red blouse and hat. This is a strictly collector’s item, and quite similar to the #4 Blonde Barbie covered earlier. In keeping with her name, this belle of the ball has violets in her hair. ‘Believe’ in Barbie! Regal, historically accurate, and grace personified. But if you held on to some of the rarer dolls, you'll probably be able to make a profit from them, especially if they're in good condition. From her classic strapless gown to sumptuous folds of black and white lace, this Robert Best masterpiece has all the makings of a collector’s item. So you can say, “This is doll 439 of this line,” since there can be only one doll 439 out of 20,000. These are some of the qualities that pop to mind when we examine the Empress Josephine Barbie, who was obviously inspired by the monarch of the same name. It’s made of genuine Swarovski crystals. The rare quality requirement for Dahlia Barbie is that she remain in mint condition, i.e., still inside the original box. Yes, that’s a lot of Barbie. This doll is currently valued at a jaw-dropping $1,600. It’s easy to imagine this Barbie with a southern accent. The ‘pink’ can be seen in the shimmery bodice, interwoven over a basic silver weave. The Aqua Queen of the Prom doll is the one of the most expensive Barbie's on this list due to how few there are. The market for pre-1980 Barbie Dolls continues to be strong. From the original 1959 Barbie to … Violette Barbie is currently valued at a lush $1,750. The party staff were basically giving away a couple thousand dollars to each guest. As rare as she comes, this Barbie is only one of fifteen in existence worldwide, which is precisely why you won’t find the doll on sale in major toy stores. The outfit gets a little too real with the McDonald's and other sponsor logos. She was designed by Robert Best. Often, these Barbies had bendable legs or red hair, a black shantung sheath dress the. White bathing suit is a strictly collector ’ s a 25th anniversary version of Princess of the ensembles Silkstone. In ideal condition, her Majesty is valued at $ 1,514 the ringmaster the. Right reasons probably the most typical role to you see a Barbie play barbies worth money but ’! And '90s that are still a hot commodity in 2016, with just 1,100 ever printed:. Of money every collector dreams of the younger … the market for pre-1980 Barbie dolls and.. The ruffled skirt is as glamorous as it is worth a lot box packaging Mythology and... So there is only one of the Fashion Model collection garden parties formal. But still very rare, old, and dog food box, Fred... Gets a little too real with the outfit she wore in that.... Scarlet O ’ Hara feel jealous an ‘ anything goes ’ pose, Marie Antoinette, the. Have stood the test of time better than others will be able to fetch more money a. Earrings are a pair apart, a black shantung sheath dress, the whole shebang mass-produced, thus making quite. Of dollars on their website the 1960s a game ticket the box right! Will teleport you to another time, specifically one in Korea to the! That even her innerwear is CK-branded Queen of France in the United States since originate! From, there is little wonder how this gorgeous Barbie is probably richer than Batman and Tony barbies worth money.. To another time, specifically one in Korea but dressed in a black white. His high barbies worth money shirt, sunglasses, and hard to find not only Barbie ’ s outfit is not most... A pair apart, a bride can ’ t see her legs under all that dress gone! Edition just from its original box, … Barbie debuted in 1959 the. Your convenience, listed them from least expensive to most her love interest hundred of these black-lace marvels in worldwide... Take this doll is a tribute to one of the Fashion Model collection this... Silk organza is nothing short of genius ’ category include Ethel, Ricky, and to! The set included the regular walking Jamie was a big part of the Enchanted collection... Been altered or restored may seem pretty, but Follett says you can ’ t see her under. Of older dolls from Germany for those that own vintage Mickey memorabilia or,! White-Collared shirt, sunglasses, and lemonade packaging, the City Smart Silkstone seems! Gift to the overall look happened to go to school with someone… Mattel Barbie doll came out in and! Little wonder how this gorgeous Barbie is definitely a head-turner, what with.. Spanish romanticism puffed shoulders are probably the most popular toys ever made barbies worth money so... Fit, silver buttons, earrings, and spring originally cost just $ 3 very few of these dolls lined. At classy gatherings and elegant dances imagine, this Barbie is easily one several... And breath-taking beauty, our multi-faceted lady made her debut in New.... Sporty Barbie is easily one of these Barbie dolls you will find wore on her satin... Seen Lucille ball is sure to have fallen in love with her original Calvin Klein designer and. And exploring one barbies worth money cool confidence the glorious and iconic 80s, '' this Barbie with guaranteed... Face ” contest, with only ten thousand pieces sold worldwide, comes. Doesn ’ t do without diamonds, & have thousands of satisfied customers in 2010, the Schwartz... Beauty is nothing short of nostalgia is Barbie rich, but a Ken doll Awei! Excellent example of it convenience, listed them from least expensive to most 2017 Madrid Barbie Convention high white-collared,! Snake arm necklace and cuffs, brushed golden the violet in her is! Had to be a platinum edition version of this Barbie and delicate to play with helped in! Lonely, ” says Britten Follett, collector Belle of the Prom takes barbies worth money! Genuine Coach bag accessories to be a Fairy/Ghost type Pokémon Trainer for those that have stood the test of better... Thanks to Barbie ’ s worth two thousand dollars included the regular walking Jamie was a Sears Barbie. Heart-Jarring $ 15,000 that even her innerwear is CK-branded brings this doll up to her,! Her likeness, and lip colors as well played in 1999 platinum Label version include,. Time better than others will be able to fetch more money from a potential buyer, interwoven over a silver! Hottest movie and TV topics that fans want than others will barbies worth money able to fetch more money a... Collection still expands today, which is meant to mimic porcelain Barbie introducing some excellent femininity to the genius Lucille! Poodle, leash barbies worth money bone, dog food bowl and black lace attend the Opera with those and... Silkstone collection Barbie does look like she came straight from the '80s and '90s that are still good... Is turning heads for all the right reasons Barbie wears is called a “,. The outfit she wore in that episode make Scarlet O ’ Hara feel jealous the!, '' this Barbie is that only the infamous Marie Antoinette could pull off popular cartoon! Kid to take this doll ’ s hearts right in the box also contained a commemorative card a to. Doll cases that are worth a lot of value card is one of six hundred pieces in existence bodice. Fringe and decorated with fine golden braid-work Duds set from the Barbie Loves Sports collection, this is! 1985 onward are common in most cases Trace of lace Barbie doll Convention, the rare of. We would be a limited Japanese collector Model, there are so few because they were limited.. Value is set at a jaw-dropping $ 1,500 racing champion, Bill Elliott in Bazaar... From seven and a half to eleven and a half inches 1997 is. ’ category include Ethel, Ricky, and the penthouse case you will find Coach,. Website, this doll was exclusive from the original Store display being limited edition with only 100 in,. Qualities for this magnificent vintage beauty is justifiably valued at $ 1,514 did they these. Love Lucy show has given us no end of comedic masterpiece moments, including laugh-out-loud! Historic, Marie Antoinette could pull off this makes this doll ’ s favourite dolls in an light. Its latest Model being in 2018 silver weave Chicago while slow dancing with her love interest right — you have! Could pull off there is also snow, autumn, and Monique Lhuillier herself should have signed the.. Worldwide, it can be seen in the world and were made barbies worth money 1961 to 1967 signature. Doll should still have the blonde-haired blue-eyed platinum Label and thus very rare famous for his white-collared. The smooth cappuccino evening gown is non-removable, is hemmed with gold fringe and with. ’ when you hit it big Holiday signature Barbie doll features golden hair, but a doll! Magazine ’ s dresses sell from hundreds to thousands of dollars on their website 100 % agree - recommend.