In fact, you can go ahead and install metal roofing right over shingles if you want to. Setting The Industry Standard. We manufacture Engineered Hurricane Stands … H-Stands for Pipe Support & Duct Support Condenser Unit Supports & Equipment Stands Equipment Curbs and Stands. 3.7 out of 5 stars 11. … Roof-Pro Condenser Unit Supports. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns. Split Systems. QSMSFT12. •width is fully adjustable in 2" increments from 18" to 28" to accommodate virtually all condensers … Poorly designed or installed rooftop supports are much more trouble than they're worth, and often end up costing substantially more in the long run due to the damage they can cause to both pipe/duct systems or the roof membrane. Our Super Stands come with Single and Double Sided U Bars to accommodate any Multi Unit Configuration. Designs are engineered to specifications. Packaged Rooftop Accessories. Conditioning condenser units . MIRO Industries, Inc. is part of the essential critical infrastructure workforce and is continuing to provide products and services to our customers during this time. All Product Lines HVAC Residential HVAC Commercial HVAC … PF Condenser Unit Supports are available in a number of standard sizes and designs and are stocked item for prompt supply to site. We hope that everyone stays safe during these uncertain times! I have yet to bring a project to MIRO where an economical and effective solution wasn’t achieved.”, “I find the MIRO team to be a very valuable resource when it comes to rooftop pipe supports, mechanical stands, and access equipment with non-penetrating features especially when seismic and wind rated systems are necessary. Help secure your rooftop HVAC equipment with roof top mounting rails from Grainger. Heavy Duty Aluma Stand with Lead Flashings - Roof Top Air Conditioning Stand . Welcome to Precision Aluminum Products 954.480.6919 Add to Cart. Flood Zones Our Aluminum Condenser Stands Elevate the Condenser off the Pad to protect … Of local county building codes. Exclusive HVAC eTools Access to training . Only 2 left in stock - order soon. From the pricing team to the project managers to the engineers you get the feeling that you are their number one customer no matter how big or small your order may be. We challenged ourselves to find the best, most precise way to engineer … LD Mechanical Rooftop … I would strongly recommend MIRO to others due to their quality of products and custom fabrication capabilities. QSPR1000 - Pitched roof bracket for mounting Mini-Splits on sloped roofs. Shop for Condenser Brackets at Ferguson. Used to support air conditioning units & equipment on flat roofs. We can customize any product to fit your needs. Super Stand … We have adopted CDC/Government recommended work practices such as restricting all non-essential travel, social distancing, and limiting face-to-face meetings. We sell Air Conditioning frames, HVAC Supports and stands, AC & R condensate pipe and pumps, Roof supports, Roof stands, Bigfoot roof stands, Bigfoot systems, Mechanical services supports, Air conditioning stands … MINI SPLIT MULTI-UNIT STAND. As low as $161.19. . PITCHED ROOF MINI-SPLIT BRACKET. Unmatched. 1.5" x 1.5" - U Bars made from 11 gauge steel  square tubing, Adjustable height in 1/4" and 1/2" Increments, 12" x 12" feet made from 7 gauge steel with 1/2" holes for mounting, 36" Hat Flange Cross Rail - SS36 (TYPE A), 48" Hat Flange Cross Rail - SS48 (TYPE B), 55" Hat Flange Cross Rail - SS55 (TYPE D), 70" Hat Flange Cross Rail - SS70 (TYPE C), QSSS1027-12" (TYPE A + TYPE A + TYPE D + TYPE D), QSSS1027-24" (TYPE A + TYPE A + TYPE D + TYPE D), QSSS1027-18" (TYPE A + TYPE A + TYPE D + TYPE D), Stand performance has been checked and verified for the following, conditions assuming the feet are bolted down to a foundation or structure with.

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